Surging renewables

In the U.S., much of the force behind renewable technology deployment comes through state-specific Renewables Portfolio Standards (RPS). 36 states have RPS targets which range as high as 33% by 2030--the amount of electricity that must be generated through renewable sources.

Fueling the economy

During a single day, the global economy uses about 100 million barrels of oil and 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Together, the U.S., European Union, and BRIC nations consume just over 50% of that oil and about 48% of the gas.

Illinois leads the pack

In 1942, Dr. Fermi initiated the first controlled nuclear chain reaction at the University of Chicago. Today, Illinois leads the U.S. with 50% of the state's electricity generated by nuclear power. Twenty-one countries with the technology have less capacity than Illinois.

Join today!

For anyone and everyone with an interest in energy or energy-related fields, the Chicago Booth Energy Group is for you. We have informational, social, and career programming throughout the year to learn and experience the world of energy. Sign-up using the links at the bottom of this page.

About the Chicago Booth Energy Group

Broad Industry Exposure

The Chicago Booth Energy Group is a full-time student organization that prepares members for careers in energy and energy-related industries. The group strives to cover various functions across several sectors; our current membership pursues interests in a wide variety of areas including...

  • Renewable generation: wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass
  • Clean tech and smart grid systems
  • Oil & gas exploration, refinery capacity, and distribution infrastructure
  • Nuclear and CCGT large-scale plants
  • Alternative transporation technologies
  • Energy corporate finance, private equity & venture capital
  • Commodity and derivative trading - we now have a subscription to Platts Energy Trader

Engaging Activities

Campus Events

Treks and External Events
  • Houston Energy Trek: "Banking" and "Consulting & Corporate"
  • West Coast Energy Trek
  • Case Competitions
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Corporate Sponsorship

The Chicago Booth Energy Group is generously supported by the Chevron Corporation, Marathon Capital, FMC, Denham Capital, the Exelon Corporation, and EPIC. We are grateful for their ongoing support; you can read more about each firm on our sponsorship page.
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If you are interested in sponsoring the Energy Group or one of our events please contact us through cochairs (at)

Become a Member

Membership for 2014-2015 is now live!
Two membership levels are available: one year for $40 (through Spring 2015) or two years for $60 (through Spring 2016).

You can join the Energy Group through our Booth Groups page. If you would prefer, you can deposit a check in the Energy Group mail folder instead. If paying by check, please make the check out to the University of Chicago with Energy Group and your Booth ID—the first part of your email address—on the memo line.

The Platts Energy Trader content can be found at our Booth Groups Page.

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